Do you dream of having a playroom for the kids, home office or even a luxurious retreat for yourself? Or perhaps some additional storage to free up valuable space and create a calmer, clutter-free home?

The unused space sitting in your home’s roof cavity could be the answer, but before embarking on any kind of project, it’s important to know what type of loft or attic conversion is right for you.

The terms loft and attic have various meanings worldwide, but in Australia lofts typically refer to a habitable living space, whereas an attic is more of a storage area. Regardless of the terminology you prefer to use, it is important that you consider the space’s function (storage or living), as there may be certain building requirements you need to meet.

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Loft Conversions

A loft conversion may be your answer to that extra living space you’re dreaming about – home office, rumpus room, spare bedroom, music space, art studio or extra bathroom. It is an extension of your home’s habitable space without making significant structural changes and increasing its physical footprint. Depending on the type of extension, it can also increase the value of your home, so you should see a good return down the track providing you don’t over capitalise when setting out on the project.

  • In Australia, a loft conversion is required to have a minimum height 2.2 metres in at least two thirds of the space. This means you need to have a generous pitch on your roof to accommodate this kind of conversion. One way to extend your existing roof line and potentially gain the additional height required for a habitable loft conversion is by adding a dormer window.
  • The floor of your habitable space also needs to be engineered to have a weight bearing capacity of at least 150kg/per square metre to ensure adequate strength for furniture and people to utilise the space.
  • Another key consideration is that a habitable loft conversion requires a fixed staircase to meet the National Construction Code (NCC). A fixed staircase takes up significantly more space than an attic ladder, so you will need to assess whether your home can accommodate this.

Loft conversions starting from $40,000

Attic Storage Conversions

An attic storage conversion is a lot simpler and, without any height or staircase requirements, more achievable for many homeowners. It is also the ideal storage solution, providing a place to store old tax records, unused luggage, Christmas decorations, Summer camping gear and more. While there is typically variation in the height of the space, with both high and low points, it is also possible to erect shelves for accessibility and different storage options.

There are several options available for an attic conversion – from basic attic flooring and pull-down attic ladder options to full dust proof rooms. If you need something to accommodate heavy, bulky items such as furniture, you could also consider a heavy-duty storage space, which is designed for storage, but has the comforts and strength of a habitable space. They are designed to accommodate heavy duty items in particular and are perfect for storing filing or display cabinets and even furniture.

Attic flooring packages starting from $1,950

Dust proof packages starting from $4,500

Heavy duty storage packages starting from $40,000

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Attix has been converting Perth roof spaces for over 25 years and can assist you with choosing the right solution for your requirements and budget. To discuss your Perth attic or loft renovation, please contact one of our experts on (08) 9371 8525 for advice and an obligation free estimate for your project. 

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