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The Premier is our flagship attic ladder. Designed for situations where the attic is going to be used regularly by people of all physical capabilities, the Premier model has a gentle incline of 57°, a full length handrail and in-roof hoop rail as standard.

  • Superior fine grained plantation grown NZ Pine – great aesthetics and reliability.
  • The widest ladder opening at 700mm
  • Designed to suit ceilings up to 3.5m
  • Reinforced ceiling hatch which opens away from ladder for maximum foot clearance and climbing safety
  • Standard full length safety handrail and in-ceiling hoop rail for climbing stability
  • Wide, deep, safety grooved step treads and 57° climbing angle for safe easy climbing
  • Unique spring loaded latch system
  • Side assist spring to simplify folding and allow fingertip operation
  • Spread weight capacity of 410kg
  • Double lacquer coating to ladder sections offer highest quality appearance

DIY or we can install

Did you know that attic ladders can be used even if you don’t have an attic?

Most houses have a crawl space between the ceiling and roof.  This space, depending on the pitch of your roof, is wasted space that can be converted into valuable additional storage or even habitable space.

Attic ladders are also a great upgrade from your current manhole, offering ease of access to your roof space for tradesmen.

We stock a complete range of attic ladders that are available as a DIY installation kit, or one of our experienced installers can provide a full installation service.


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Service is fantastic and friendly with an amazing product with great quality, highly recommended.

Lisa Shaw 22/01/18

Attix have done a wonderful job installing our new 40m2 dust proof storage attic. Ben and the guys were very... read more

Amanda Orlando Hueppauff 01/11/18

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Vicky Walden 04/09/18

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