Nothing beats a Perth summer – beach days at Cottesloe or Scarborough, bike rides around the Swan River and a plethora of camping options in out beautiful state.

This enviable lifestyle typically means many Perth households own a lot of additional outdoor equipment, which can present a particular challenge around the home. Storage, or, more accurately, lack thereof.

This might ring particularly true for households that also have the remnants of Christmas and the festive period still lurking about – where to store the Christmas tree and lights? Or, perhaps you’ve had to clear out the spare room to make way for guests over the holiday period?

It’s safe to assume that most sheds and garages across Perth get a pretty good workout at this time of year. They end up serving as additional home storage for those more seasonal items that aren’t used year round.

A cyclist riding along the City Beach foreshore

However, sheds and garages aren’t always a desirable long-term, home storage solution. For example, most people want to use their garage for what it’s intended – to park cars (yes, that garage is intended for two vehicles!). Or, you might be reluctant to store your outdoor gear in the garden shed where it can be inconvenient to access and also more exposed to the elements and garden pests, as well as security concerns.

Dust Proof Attic Storage

The answer is right above you

So how can you create more space in your home to more efficiently manage your storage and free up valuable living space at the same time? The vast number of Perth homeowners have the answer right on top of them, literally – your home’s roof space.

While attic storage conversions are still a relatively new concept in Perth – and indeed Australia-wide – most homes have untapped space potential in their roof cavity, which is typically empty aside from the much needed air conditioner.

An attic storage conversion is a simple, non-obtrusive way to unlock the valuable space already within your home – providing stress free and out of sight storage solutions.

Most homes with pitched roofs can accommodate an attic storage conversion, with a number of available options to suit your needs – ranging from basic attic flooring and attic ladder packages to complete dust proof rooms.

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