Natural light is one of the most desirable assets of a home. It transforms dark spaces into bright, airy and inviting areas that enhance mood and make us feel good. In addition to the many health benefits – such as increased productivity and focus, reduced energy costs and improved mental health – natural light makes a home more appealing.

Skylights can be one of the best ways to introduce light into a home, however, traditional systems can be expensive and difficult to install. Cutting a hole in the ceiling and roof line also presents risk for leaks and can impact the building’s structural integrity.

If you’re wanting the benefits of a traditional skylight without the cost, complexity and challenges, a Redilight package might be the solution for you.

Redilight Solar Powered Lighting Rectangle
Redilight Cross Section

How does it work?

Redilight packages consist of a LED light known as a Skyfixture in the ceiling that mimics the natural rise and fall of the sun. It’s called the ‘Sun up, Sun down’ effect and you would be forgiven for thinking it was actually natural light. The Skyfixture is powered by a solar panel that is strategically positioned on your roof to maximise sun exposure throughout the year.

Unlike traditional skylights, which require optimum positioning in order to maximise natural light, Redilight can be installed in any area of the home. They are also an ideal alternative for homeowners who can’t have a traditional skylight due to obstructions on the roof such as pool heating, solar panels, an upper-storey or roof line changes.

Due to the Redilight system working off a solar powered LED panel, there is no heat transfer into your home. Cleaning is also a breeze as you don’t have to worry about any unsightly build-up of bugs and leaf litter that commonly collects in traditional skylights.

How is the Redilight skylight alternative installed?

Your Redilight can be installed and ready to use in just a few hours.

Installation is simple, with no need for any major construction experience or electricians. Keen DIYers can install the light and solar panel themselves, or Attix offer a complete installation service.

Where can the Redilight be installed?

Almost anywhere in the home. Redilight Skyfixtures are perfect in hallways, studies, wet areas, toilets, study nooks, the home attic or loft and even living and alfresco areas. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there is always an option right for you.

Multiple Skyfixtures can be run off one solar panel. All you need to do is add up the total wattage of your Skyfixtures and then add then pair them with the right sized solar panel. Not only does this the solar panels on your roof to a minimum, but it keeps the installation cost low.

Can I also use the Redilight skylight alternative as a light?

Yes. Redilight products can be fitted with a remote and hardwired with a Day/Night Kit so that you can dim and power it off/on – functioning as a normal light in the evening when the sun has gone to sleep.

Redilight - Entry Hall

How much does it cost?

Due to its simple design and installation, the Redilight skylight alternative is considerably more affordable than a traditional skylight. Prices start from $345 inc GST.

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