Attix has been creating innovative storage spaces in existing roof spaces for over 25 years.  So what does it take to have one of these installed in your roof? 

Installing an attic space in your roof space is a pain free process. One of our consultants will call to arrange a time to inspect your roof space.  They will plan a location for an attic ladder installation that will allow you to climb onto the ladder safely and easily carrying your storage items.  They will also make sure that where the ladder meets the roof it is practical for entry into the roof.

The consultant will plan an area in your roof for the attic conversion, making sure you are aware of the practical height of the room. Any obstructions in the roof will be moved or planned around, depending on the practicalities and costs involved in moving them.  We are very flexible and rarely find a space we can’t create a great space in!  The consultant will provide you with a quote and we will arrange a time for installation. 

On the day we have arranged with you, one of our registered tradesman will arrive and install your desired attic ladder. He will move all his materials into your roof space and then build a floor. We use Structaflor on battens which is rated to 75kg/sqm plus you moving around.  


You’ll need to decide whether you want a ladder and flooring package or a dustproof room. We will cover that in our next article.  The average installation will take 1-4 days and cost between $2000-20000, depending on the size and the options you would like.  Our installers clean up after themselves and show you how to use your new ladder.