Are you running a business from home? Have the kids moved out and not taken their belongings with them? Maybe you’ve downsized your home, but still have the same amount of stuff? Maybe you need an attic!!

Attix storage conversions can be customised in a number of ways to suit whatever you are trying to hide away.

Books and tax records can add up in weight. For storage of items like this, we would recommend having your floor engineered to have a higher weight bearing capacity than a standard storage floor.

Standard storage floors are perfect for seasonal items such as eskys, suitcases, out of season clothes and sporting equipment, but may struggle with large quantities of paper or furniture. Engineered floors are constructed to be independent of the existing ceiling and roof structure. Strength is gained from load bearing walls and a large framework which bridges the span between the load bearing walls. New floor joists are then installed and then the flooring on top. Floor construction of this nature generally achieves from 150 – 250kg per square metre.

Once the floor is installed, you have options on whether to leave the space open or to seal it. The cost of leaving the space open is low, but there might be limitations to what you are prepared to store up there. Items could be subject to dust, spiders, vermin and worst of all, the Perth roof heat! Storage tubs will keep your stuff clean, but won’t protect it from the heat – storing photos, vinyl, electronics among other things wouldn’t be recommended for this application.

Dust proofing the area is cost effective and will vastly increase the functionality of your attic storage conversion. The dust proof material will not only keep your stuff clean and dry, it is also an excellent insulator, protecting items from large temperature variations which can be experienced in the roof space. Paired with a dual ventilation system, this is the ultimate package option for those normal household items.

If you’ve beefed up your floor to have a higher weight bearing capacity, you might want to take it to the next level and sheet the walls and roof line out with plasterboard. Once flushed, sanded and painted, the space will look like a real room. Add a couple of Velux windows to capture those rooftop views, throw in some beanbags and you’ve got something more again! The possibilities are endless.

Attix is happy to help with any and all of the above. Give us a call or swing past the showroom and we can guide you through the endless options for converting your attic.