If you are looking for a storage solution in your home then an attic conversion can be an inexpensive option.  Attix can install a simple ‘Ladder and Flooring’ package or a completely sealed ‘Dustproof Room’.

A ‘Ladder and Flooring’ package consists of exactly that!  One of our qualified tradesman will come and install an attic ladder, and our engineer certified flooring.  The picture above is a great example of what you can expect.  Just be aware that whatever you store up there is still exposed to the dust, heat and pests that are in your roof space. Some new or recently renovated houses will have a relatively clean space, while other roof spaces may be too dusty and you may want to consider a fully sealed room.  You’ll need to seal all you items in storage tubs or pastic bags to keep them clean and safe.

A ‘Dustproof Room’ consists of the ladder and flooring, but the installer will build stud walls and line the walls and ceiling of the attic with a sturdy foam filled insulation.  We also install a ‘Turbobeam’ ventilation system that consists of a clear acrylic whirlybird and roof vent, which not only ventilates your room but allows sunlight in. Your storage space is now free from dust, pests, moisture and heat. The article below shows a great example of a completed dustproof room.